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We are proud to introduce our new product line of personal care products.  All products are made from natural, wild crafted and organic materials.  No artificial ingredients - ever!  The line is ever increasing, so check back periodically for new arrivals!

Anti-oxidant Face Cream.  Good for all skin types.  Soaks in without leaving a greasy feel.

Soothing Chest Rub.  Can use on chest, back and feet.  Can follow with a warm compress on th chest.  Works as an expectorant.

Cough Syrup. From organic and wild crafted herbs, safe for children.

Hand Sanitizer. Uses aloe and witch hazel. Soothing to the skin, effective against bacteria and viruses.

First Aid Cream. Good for minor burns, cuts, scrapes and rashes.

Hair and Beard Oils.  Specially formulated for Normal hair, Thinning Hair and Scalp Conditions.

Lip Balms and Glosses. Some have a slight pink tint, some have a coral tint and some are without any tint.

Lotions.  Specially formulated for extremely dry skin, for summer use, healing skin conditions, or to add a glow to the skin.

Lotion Bars.  Convenient for traveling.  Great for dry skin on hands and feet.

Nail Repair.  Specially formulated to repair ridges and cracks. Soaks in without leaving a greasy feel.

Scrubs.  Salt and sugar scrubs for firming the skin, to aid in sleeping, or just because! Gentle enough to use on face and neck.

Nourishing Wellness Teas.  From wild crafted and organic herbs. Two blends to choose from.

Raw, Local Honey.  Westminster beekeeper now offering raw honey.  Great to pair with a nourishing tea blend.

Colorado Hemp Oil.  By Quicksilver Scientific. Liposomal, nano-emulsified hemp oil with < .3% THC, has some of the highest content of CBD for fast delivery.  Helps relieve inflammation, pain, brain stress, promotes detoxification. 

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